Called To Be The Church


Your MACUCC leaders have received scores of requests for "help" as our pastors lead their congregations and step into their pulpits in a time such as this.  This section of the website is a place for reflections and resources. 

Called to preach: Sermons for a time such as this

From Kelly Gallagher: We at the Justice and Witness Council realize the difficult task placed upon our clergy to preach week in and week out in a time when we are, more than ever, called to be “the guide and critic of the state.” And we recognize the challenge to hear what the Holy Spirit may be saying through our clergy when emotions are high, fear is real and the culture is at odds with one another.  And yet it is imperative that we find words to engage the Gospel and the Spirit in this time – that we open our hearts to what is being said. We must listen to one another – and be in prayer together.

We invite clergy in this time to submit sermons that they feel speak to this moment through the lens of the Gospel.

Learn more and read sermons here.

From the Center for Progressive Renewal:

100 Days of Action100 DAYS OF ACTION – Join this National Movement of Congregations Uniting for a more Just & Generous World

This is an opportunity to stay connected, focused and engaged over the next 100 days.  Our friends at the Convergence Network ( will connect you each day with hundreds of other progressive Christians and congregations by providing you with a daily curriculum focusing on the four goals of the progressive movement: People, Poverty, Planet, and Peace. Each week will focus a different value: week 1 is Diversity; week 2 is Climate Change…  As the week unfolds, your daily email will introduce thought leaders; provide links to amplify your knowledge; suggest prayer options; offer conversation starters and sermon ideas; suggestion actions you can take; list organizations you can connect with; and provide opportunities to gather.

You (and others in your congregation!) can sign up here:

This is going to be a tremendous resource for discussion groups, sermon prep, personal reflection.  Share on social media using #100action.  Thanks to our friends at the Convergence Network ( ) for imagining this creative and unifying response to the challenge of our day.

Jim Antal