Conference Boards and Committees

The Volunteer Development Committee invites you to nominate people whose gifts could be affirmed by serving the Massachusetts Conference.  To fill out the Wider Church Service Recommendation for Service on a Board, Council, Committee or Working Group form, follow this link.

To see who is serving on each of our Boards and Committees click below.  To see what they do, click the job description.
Joint Ministry Councils - Each of the four Ministry Councils coordinates, supports, evaluates and oversees the ministries of the various task forces or work groups that report to that Ministry Council in accordance with the guiding principles of the Joint Ministry Council.  All four Ministry Councils meet together as the Joint Ministry Council 5-8 times a year at the Edwards House Meeting Center in Framingham to coordinate the overall program of the Conference and assure appropriate cross-pollination of programs / events / initiatives that span more than one Ministry Council.  A Ministry Council may also meet on its own as needed.   All four Ministry Councils are responsible to the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ.

To see who is serving on each of the four Ministry Councils, click below:

Justice and Witness Ministry Council

Lay Development Ministry Council