Jubilee (Economic) Justice

Who Are We?

The Jubilee Justice Task Force was brought into existence in 2001 by the Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ, to educate and advocate for the cancellation of the crippling debts held by developing countries. This work has expanded to include a number of other economic justice issues. It is affiliated with the United Church of Christ Economic Justice Task Force, the national Jubilee USA Network, and through them numerous country-specific Jubilee movements.

While there is no longer a task team, Rev. Dr. Stan Duncan is continuing this work on behalf of the Massachusetts Conference. You may contact him at  standuncan@jubileejustice.com for more information.

The three main areas of work are related to justice resolutions which we have written and passed through the UCC General Synod or the UCC Mass. Conference (or both). The three include:

  • Establishing local Jubilee Congregations for study, worship and advocacy
  • Promoting the Fair Trade Coffee Project (a partnership with the Interfaith program of Equal Exchange); and
  • Consciousness-raising delegations to developing countries, including trips to Chiapas, Mexico to study the effects of globalization on coffee farmers. 

On these pages you will find background articles and notes about this work, resources that will help you enhance or establish a faith-based justice advocacy organization in your religious community, and promotional pieces (and registration forms) for our various projects.



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