UCC Justice & Witness Ministries

Together as a denomination, we can do so much more than we can do on our own. Here are several ways to learn about issues and how to act on them through the national setting of the United Church of Christ:

1.  Take Action:  Join the UCC Justice and Peace Action Network.  Click here to sign up.

2.  Witness for Justice:  Weekly articles on a variety of subjects written by JWM's Executive Minister Linda Jaramillo and members of the staff, sent to you electronically. Many local newspapers around the country publish Witness for Justice each week. Sign up here.

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Our vision: A more just, compassionate and peaceful world that honors all of God's creation.

Justice & Witness Ministries ~ 700 Prospect Avenue ~ Cleveland, OH 44115 ~ 216-736-3703 ~ jwmm@ucc.org