Our Faith, Our Vote, Our Voice

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"If we allow the greedy and inhuman elements to steal away from us our self-government because we didn't have the ENERGY or COURAGE to fight for it and use it as a tool for our love and wisdom, HOW SHALL WE ANSWER FOR THAT?"

~ 90-year-old Doris Haddock (Granny D)

 From ucc.org

Politics is often taken to be a dirty word, but political processes are simply the way communities organize their common life. For people of faith, public policy is never merely politics. It is a way of living out the commandment to love our neighbor as ourselves.

It is fitting for local congregations and church structures across the country to develop nonpartisan programs to help the faith community reflect upon the political order. The Our Faith Our Vote Campaign is designed to help you discover the ways in which you, as an individual and as a congregation, can get involved in the political process.

Our country is in crisis in many ways. It is time for well minded, engaged and faithful people to speak out and get involved in the political process. Let's go public with our faith! We'll show you how!

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