Annual Meeting Committee

The Rev. Ms. Hannah Brown
West Concord Union Church, Concord
Board Rep

The Rev. Ms. Lynne Dolan
First Congregational Church, Shrewsbury
Board Rep

The Rev. Ms. Nell Fields
Waquoit Congregational Church, Falmouth
Board Rep

Ms. Bonnie Fleming
Second Congregational Church, UCC, Beverly
Board Rep

Mr. John Hargrave
Wellesley Congregational Church
Class of 2019

Mr. Tracy Keene
Old South Church in Boston
Board Rep

The Rev. Ms. Anastasia Kidd
First Congregational Church UCC, Reading

The Rev. Mr. Chad Kidd
First Congregational Church, UCC, Reading
Class of 2018

The Rev. Ms. Elizabeth Magill
Worcester Fellowship, Worcester
Class of 2017

The Rev. Mr. Terry Martinson
Old South Union Church, Weymouth

Ms. Linda Mesler
South Church in Andover, UCC

The Rev. Ms. Holly Norwick
First Christian Congregational Church, Swansea
Class of 2018

The Rev. Marthinus Riekert
The Congregational Church of Topsfield
Board Rep

Mr. Denson Staples
First Congregational Church, Somerville
Class of 2020

Mr. Ian Tosh
First Congregational of Somerville, UCC


Ms. Dawn Hammond
First Congregational Church UCC, Holliston

The Rev. Mr. Donald Remick
Old South Union Church, Weymouth