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Church Websites: Platforms & Possibilities

Download the Powerpoint with working links from this Super Saturday workshop, held Oct. 21, 2017.


UCC Logos

Find the UCC's newest logos, graphics and brand guidelines at:


StillSpeaking 2.0 Toolkit

The United Church of Christ in May, 2016, released the Stillspeaking 2.0 toolkit.  This kit was created especially for local church communicators in the United Church of Christ. In it you will find:

  • Directions and suggestions for social media
  • Graphics for social media, print, and other uses
  • Help with creating or upgrading your church website
  • Brand guidelines for use of the UCC logo, emblem, motto, and "God is still speaking," and graphics
  • 13 Inexpensive (or free) ways to increase community awareness of your church

No matter your budget or level of church communication skills, you’ll find help here.

Go to the Toolkit now

Social Media 201 Workshop:

Super Saturday workshop presented by The Rev. Sarah Weaver, Pastor, Rehobeth Congregational Church, UCC, Rehobeth, MA, March, 2014.

Do you have a basic understanding of social media? Are you already using social media platforms in your church? Would you like to look at ways to enhance your church's use of social media? Join us for an exploration of different ways churches around the country are utilizing social media today.

Resources from "Find Your Voice & Start a Chorus"
Nov. 16, 2013

Finding Your Voice - A Discussion about Branding
Greg Robertson (Updated after the event)
PDF - 2.6 MB

21st Century Epistles - Using Social Media to Enhance Your Churches
The Rev. Sarah Weaver
PDF - 50 MB

Resources from Super Saturday
Mar. 9, 2013

Tips & Tools for a Robust Web Ministry from Mass. Conference UCC on Vimeo.


Your Church Website: Tips and Tools for Developing a Robust Web Ministry
Video recording of the workshop offered at Super Saturday on March 9, 2013. Jon Geldert of Theory One Design and former member of the communication team at Old South in Boston, leads a seminar on church websites - from planning to implementation. Using informational slides and actual church web pages, Jon shows us how to look at websites with new eyes - giving valuable advice to newcomers and web designers alike.

Other Resources:

The Parish Paper: E-Newsletters: Worth More Than You Know
Nov., 2013

Communicating your church's story in 2013 and beyond - resources from the Nov. 3, 2012 event.

10 things you should have on your church's homepage


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