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As the Body of Christ our vitality comes when our churches increase in health, faithfulness and effectiveness. This is one of the central purposes of our Conference as we seek to continue to learn the best practices and insights from our brothers and sisters in the UCC and beyond across this country and globe.  In this section of the website, you will find a variety of resources that can assist your congregation in understanding the dynamics of your church and the mission field that you are in.

Our Conference continues to offer programs and coaches to assist you in your journey. Find information on those programs here. If you need more information on church vitality and redevelopment, contact your Associate Conference Minister or the Church Development Council:

Staff member:  Don Remick   Karen Methot
Co-chairs of the Church Development Council:  Donna Spencer Collins, Paul Sangree


Churches Alive:  What does it mean for a church to be healthy, faithful and effective in this changing landscape of ministry? That is the focus of our Churches Alive program in our Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ, designed to nurture and provoke the vitality of churches who want to deeply explore and discern their future. 

Crossroads Massachusetts: Many churches come to a time in their congregational life where the question of sustainability or viability is raised. At this crucial juncture it is important to look at a wide range of options and to prayerfully discern what direction God is calling the congregation. The Crossroads program is one of the best assessment and discernment tools for congregations at this juncture in their life.

Making it Real: Vital congregations have a clear sense of their purpose in the settings they serve and in response to the collective calling on their hearts.  This effort aims to begin work with “willing/early adopter” Association churches to be clear about their purpose. 

Super Saturday: Each spring and fall, the Massachusetts Conference holds a Super Saturday event - a full-day of skill building, networking and discussing best practices. Visit this page to access resources from previous Super Saturdays and to find out about the next one.

Vision and Vitality Options: Our MACUCC has been researching and training for a variety of options to help churches become healthy, faithful and effective in the changing landscape of ministry. Please contact your regional Associate Conference Minister or Rev. Don Remick for more information on these options.


Stories and Lessons Learned from Flourishing Churches - In April of 2017, 10 churches came together to share their stories. These churches have each discovered a renewed sense of vitality. They have been recognized in their region for the energy and impact of their life and ministry.   Their stories were captured on video.   

Whole Church Evaluations - a video recording of a Super Saturday workshop which looks at incorporating staff evaluations into a comprehensive plan for vision and vitality in the church. 

Demographics - researching your community with MissionInsite, a program provided free to MACUCC congregations.

Practical Guide for Mission/Outreach Committees
Most committees make the mistake of thinking their main job is to spend the money that has been allocated for mission. The truth is that there are three tasks, and allocation of funds is the least important of the three.

The Parish Paper: Monthly publication that offers ideas and insights for active congregations


Options for Struggling Congregations
Many churches come to a time in their congregational life where the question of sustainability or viability is raised. At this crucial juncture it is important to look at a wide range of options and to prayerfully discern what direction God is calling the congregation.

Ministering in the Changing Landscape

Learning How to Invite Others

Welcoming Newcomers

Vision for your Congregation









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